What are residencies for?

This page captures some of the discussion concerning the purpose of artist residencies, explored during the Building A Better Residency conversation event. The initial prompts offered to the room for discussion included the following questions:

  • What does a flexible residency look like?
  • Residencies with outcomes vs. residencies with no expectations of a result
  • How do residencies relate to commissions and other funding?
  • How can an international residency be authentically imbedded?

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When and why are we specific?
Residencies for producers 
How to know about residencies?
– Creative Scotland ops
– Arts Admin
Intensive commitment to project / or element
Time away from capitalismI hate insta[gram] but I feel like I hold into it because so many opportunities are advertised on it
Part-time residencies?‘Checking in’ not always helpful, optional is best. Some artists not ready to interact till the endThere can be a fetishisation of the development process
Could they be used to gain new skills?Re-negotiation of the residency as ‘essential’ to the artistic process. Isolation / incubation / containment being both right and wrongLive art approaches need flexibility with access and function
R&D or retreat?Expectations of artists and what to expect good to include in calloutHelpful for flexibility in organisations saying they’re production house or lab – can support with what do you need to work?
Ask the artist – do you need a deadline, schedule, someone to watch you, to be alone? Big audience?Organisations should commit less to a style of supportPartnerships? Multiple strands of support