LAS Interview Collection

The LAS Interview Collection holds a wide range of freely-accessible interviews with artists and practitioners undertaken for the Live Art in Scotland project. Spanning the late 1980s to the present, these conversations reflect live art’s grounding in a range of different art forms, contexts and communities of interdisciplinary practice. A cross-section of an expansive field as it has developed over thirty years, they offer new perspectives on the conditions in which live art’s signature experiments become possible, and the possibilities which live art might enable in return.

Recorded between spring 2021 and summer 2022 during the global covid-19 pandemic, most of these interviews took place online via Zoom. Each conversation was then transcribed and shared with the interview participants for review before inclusion here. For more on this process visit: about the LAS collection.

UPDATE: You can now request access to the audio recordings via the University of Glasgow’s Enlighten Research Data repository.

These interviews are a starting place for further research, rather than a ‘final word’ as each interview reveals the plurality of voices and perspectives that might be included in any history of the field. They complement existing histories – such as those of the National Review of Live Art (NRLA) – while seeking to platform new voices. They reflect the work of artists based in Scotland as well as those whose practice has seen them returning to work here, again and again, over the course of their careers.

Further interviews will be added to the collection over the coming months as final transcripts are reviewed and confirmed.

Other collections

Our Resources for Researchers guide details a broad range of other archives and collections that might support research in this field. These include the NRLA Archive at the University of Bristol – which also documents the broader work of Nikki Milican as curator and artistic director of New Moves International – and the Live Art Development Agency resource and study room in London.

The Interviews

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Roddy Hunter
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Hamshya Rajkumar
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Deborah Pearson
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Ryan Van Winkle
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Jackie Wylie
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Ivor MacAskill
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Harry Josephine Giles
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Ira Brand
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Greg Sinclair
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Gillian Dyson
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Gemma Paintin
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FK Alexander
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Farah Saleh
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Craig Richardson
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Craig McCorquodale
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Clarinda Tse
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Claire Cunningham
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Christian Noelle Charles
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Bryony Kimmings
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Brian Lobel
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Vivienne Gaskin
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Tony Sweeten
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Thulani Rachia
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Stewart Laing
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Steve Slater
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Soojin Chang
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Sian Baxter
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Sheila Ghelani
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Ross Birrell
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Rosana Cade
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Robert Softley Gale
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Richard DeDomenici
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Paul Michael Henry
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Neil Bartlett
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Mamoru Iriguchi
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Luke Pell
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Kate Downie
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Karl Taylor
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Karen Christopher
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Jason E. Bowman
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Barry Esson
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Ashanti Harris
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Anthony Schrag
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Anne Bean
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Anita Clark
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Andy Field
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Andy Arnold
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Andrew Jones
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Al Seed
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Adam York Gregory and Gillian Lees
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