Connection and collaboration

This page captures some of the ideas and responses to questions of connection and collaboration, explored during the Building A Better Residency conversation event. The initial prompts offered to the room for discussion included:

  • Who are you in residency with?
  • What happens before the residency takes place? What sets the scene?
  • Connection and preparation before the residency: what works? What’s needed?
  • The idea of residencies as spaces for artists to connect with their peers (locally or internationally)

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Opportunities for connection for interdisciplinary work i.e sound artists w/ visual artists w/ dancersValue of parallel peers
Residencies often offer a place to experiment with an idea before read to apply for funding, but residency bursaries are rarely enough to pay yourself and collaborators
Artists house / arty flatmatesCollective dramaturgical responsibilityHaving someone to watch you
How can collaboration be funded as part of the residency package?Cross-disciplinary residencies (residencies working with Work Room engaging with residents working at TMS)Paying people to connect, converse, witness, hangout spearer to fee. Small additional budget £150?
What does it mean to host someone?Are there spaces for group / more than one person residency?More skill-swapping!
Can organisations team up with companies like ‘work away’ – skills in return for space to make / create?Can collaborators be paired up / in shared space? Offered opportunity to share with each otherI discussed: the importance of investing in documentation. We found that high quality documentation led to improved likelihood of funding opportunity