Access to residencies

This page captures some of the discussions relating to issues of access to artist residencies and the nature of the ‘offer’ they present, explored during the Building A Better Residency conversation event. The initial prompts offered to the room for discussion included the following questions:

  • What makes for a good application process?
  • Residencies as daily visits vs. living / staying in a space
  • The offer of space in kind
  • “Here are the keys, on you trot”

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Focus on helping others: emerging / established dichotomy not helpfulIf I had a residency, I would like it to look like two hours a week over a few monthsLiberal arts organisations working in a capitalist / institutional power structure. How do we counter this?
How do you learn the context of an organisation?Commission vs. residency
Send schedule out for when space isn’t in use? So artists can request it
What are the buzzwords?Where are they being advertised?The opportunity to do remote residencies and artists design. Framework in a set time or something. Give artists agency in their local / orgs give mentorship and logistics help and funding time
Access for folx who believe ‘residencies aren’t for them’Ways of applying – audio / video / voice notes / poems / mind maps – more accessible application stylesHow do you put residencies in a wider context?
Opps exclusively for emerging artistsI discussed: connection between institutions & DIY art comjuncationes (i.e. queer community, ethnic communities, underground music communities), being afraid to invite collaborators in advance of procurement of the residencyBreaking residencies into flexi[ble] chunks
– weekend access
– 7 days over 7 weeks etc
More targeted residencies / focused call outs for specific groupsPerhaps consider mentoring / advice / “how to write applications” workshops for new folx to the local sceneProblems of residencies as objects of desire (through their cultural capital) and possibility of visibility (sustained survival through meritocracy) precisely because they’re scarce? Competition built into value. Re-value residencies!
Can students / mature students apply? Often left out + not sure why?Poets / writers / artists-in-residence in universities > exploitative. Also expected to teach? Is this is a residency?Money
How to eliminate reading between the lines?Labour of application [to be] recognised. Paying artists to write apps.Emerging =/= “under 25”