March and early April have been a busy period for the Live Art in Scotland project as we start to share more and more of the project’s initial outputs, and work to create spaces for broader conversations around the histories of live art. A few highlights:

  • We’re very excited to share the first version of the Live Art Scotland: Research Resources¬†guide, a directory of more than 30 archives, collections and other materials that might support further research into live art, performance art and interdisciplinary performance in Scotland. It’s the research-focused partner to the practitioner directory launched earlier in the year – together, we hope they might give a better picture of the past and future ecology for experimental practice.
  • Live Art: Histories of the Present took place in early April, with presentations from Gavin Butt, Harriet Curtis, Dominic Johnson, Vanessa Macaulay, Phoebe Patey-Ferguson and Heike Roms. Recordings of these talks, along with other documentation of the event, will be available here later this month.